Fitness Coaching Kit

Imran is a fitness expert and a nutritionist with over a decade of experience in the fitness industry. He is a disciplined and dedicated professional. He believes that a person can get fit & stay fit even in the confines of their home. He has clients from all phases of life. He specialize in:
-Fat loss
-Strenght training
-H.I.I.T workouts
-Body toning
-Nutritional Tips

He is all set to walk you down the path of fitness.
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I have been training with Imran for almost a year and believe me he is one of the most experienced and committed trainer around. I started training for the pageant, really enjoyed the variety and challenges he puts into his sessions. He was completely focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging. I ultimately won the title of 2nd runner-up. I couldn't be happier having Imran having Imran as my trainer. He has helped me achieve my fitness goals and still continues to train me and I am sure I will reach newer levels of fitness with his guidance.
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Fitness coaching kit
My experience with Imran has been nothing short of life changing. Not only he was warm & welcoming as a fitness trainer , he also took time to truly understand my goals and challenges to provide a customized program which would really work for me . His dedication to his client & extensive knowledge made the experience enjoyable.
Even if there were big barriers in my journey , he has always been supporting and positive. Telling me this is not the END and we can again start after a break
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Fitness coaching kit