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  • Mental Health Kit

    د.إ 369.00
    The one thing that this pandemic has made us aware of, is our mental health. Due to limited access to therapists we may feel deprived of our resources and during those times, this mental health kit comes into play. It's got all the tools you need to get yourself through times of stress, anxiety or a panic attack.
  • Meditation Kit

    د.إ 399.00
    What's more blissful than letting your mind disconnect and giving your body a chance to unwind from the daily stress. Buy our meditation kit and simply let go!
  • Puppy Starter Kit

    د.إ 363.00
    Every lil pup needs a few essentials to grow healthy and feel loved. Look no further with our puppy starter kit!
  • Kitten Starter Kit

    د.إ 363.00
    The undeniably cute whiskers need your time and attention and to get yourself some quality time, here's a kit that could help!
  • Yoga Kit

    د.إ 414.00
    Stay flexible and energized with a cool yoga kit sufficing all you need to nail your postures and exercise routines.
  • Home Gym Kit

    د.إ 414.00
    Who needs to hit the gym when you can sweat it out at home? Be stronger than your excuses with our Home Gym Kit.
  • Self Care Kit

    د.إ 444.00
    Self care isn't selfish. Ever wonder how to set some time aside for yourself for some self love? We've got just the right kit for you.
  • Gardening Essentials Kit

    د.إ 369.00
    Warm weather, beautiful sunshine and freshness all around. Get yourself our gardening essentials kit and nurture the nature around you.
  • Picnic Kit

    د.إ 444.00
    Amidst the hurry, when you just feel like grabbing a handy pack of stuff and hop on to your car to get to your favorite picnic spot, we have the perfect solution for you!